Vinay Khilnani

Deep in Dance

Based out of Mumbai, Deep in Dance is an established company integral to India’s nightlife. We focus on bringing the finest electronic dance music and performers to the heart of maximum city, where the rhythm of the underground is embraced and celebrated.
At the helm Vinay Khilnani is no stranger to Mumbai city’s soaring party circuit. An avid music enthusiast and entrepreneur who keeps his eye on the latest trends and music fashion world-wide, he has driven many programming scripts for some of the hottest spots such as China 1, Boveda and Ark in the past, to a remarkable lineage at the Blue Frog, his work ethics have spanned a decade, consisting of countless number of international artist tours, plus nurturing India’s talent, his vision remains to entertain with a 360 degree view of it all in the present day.
This self-started initiative strives to connect the most exceptional musical talent that India and countries from around the world have to offer. Creating multitude of opportunities within reach, including but not limited to: customized events featuring hand-picked performing artists to suit both the venue and audience, world-class hospitality, and a deep dive into the intoxicating music fueled by the pulsating party vibe that is unique to India.
Deep in Dance is already known for being a steadfast pursuer of excellence. From bar settings, to audio and visuals, to top-notch venues – assuring satisfaction in every aspect. Deep in Dance provides unparalleled access to the indulgent mix of ultra-cool party ethos like no other.