Piyapong Muenprasertdee

Co-founder & Community Director, Fungjai Co, Ltd

Piyapong Muenprasertdee holds a MS and B.Eng. in Industrial Engineering and a MBA focused in entrepreneurship, and was a Sustainability and Climate Change consultant specialized in carbon footprint accounting and LEED green building certification in one of his past professional lives. However, his true passion was always in music – especially DIY and indie music – therefore, sustainable development in the music industry has now become his lifetime goal.

Currently, he is the Co-founder and Community Director of Fungjai – a music-technology startup based in Bangkok, Thailand that connects artists and fans via various online and offline platforms, including a music streaming platform; an online magazine; social media channels; a concert organizing unit; an education activities unit; a live musician booking platform for events and parties, etc.  The goals of Fungjai is to contribute to the sustainable development of the music industry and helping the independent musician become a sustainable career.

Apart from being well connected in the Thai independent music scene, he is also connected with music communities and professionals all over Southeast and East Asia. In addition, he used to teach music marketing strategy at Silpakorn University’s Faculty of Music – one of Thailand’s leading music education institutions.